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A Baule Mblo Mask

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A Baule Mblo Mask, Ivory Coast, central Bouaké region, of oval hollowed form, a pointed mouth, a slender nose, crescent-shaped slit eyes with thick arched brows, scarification marks varied geometric motifs at the corners of the mouth, above the nose, on the temples and on the forehead, the head capped by a domed three parted coiffure which is fine elaborated and striated, a carved zigzag line at the rim of the fascial plane, the mask pierced through at the rim for attachment; a reddish to blackened surface, several cracks, incl. stand. Provenance M. Kaba Cabinet.

Such masks appeared as the final sequence of an operatic public entertainment known as Mblo. Mblo performances consist of a succession of dances that escalate in complexity and importance, culminating ultimately in tributes to the community's most distinguished member. Individuals honoured in this way are depicted by a mask that is conceived of as their artistic double or namesake. Source Metmuseum NY.

Lit.: Susan M. Vogel: Baule: African Art Western Eye, 1997; Bernard de Grunne: Über den Baule-Stil und seine Meister. In: Eberhard Fischer/Lorenz Homberger: Afrikanische Meister. Kunst der Elfenbeinküste, Zürich 2014, p. 81-106.

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Height: 42 cm

Weight: 2.2 kg (incl. stand)