The Ere Ibeji couple


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The Ere Ibeji couple remembers our art historian of the scarce pieces from the people of Ìgbómìnà in the city of Offa but their more slender figure and their headgear is different. One could also think of the rare Ibejis from the city of Ìwó. But we are probably confronted with an own rare type.

An interesting couple, standing on round bases. The arms touch the thighs, the fingers are long. Both figures wear crown-like headgears. Their eyes are elliptical, bulging and bordered all around. The nose is long and the mouth has well emphasised lips. The ears are protuberant and set towards the back of the head. The narrow shoulders are sloping downwards. The chest is well emphasised just like the genitals. The back is smooth and the carving of the backbone is only implied. The legs are short. The facial expression of both figures is dignified, but almost a bit of mocking because of the slightly raised lips with the tip in the middle. Horizontal and vertical scarifications on the cheeks. Both figures wear colorful beads around neck and waist.

Shiny brown patina. The figures have a few cracks. Besides that they show excellent condition.

400 – 600,- Euro

Height: 30 cm / 31 cm
Weight: 260 g / 260 g


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