Lobi Maternity of the carver Youl Bonkfanté


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Lobi Maternity of the carver Youl Bonkfanté, the legs growing directly out of the base, slender figure carrying a large child on her left side with the right arm overlengthened, small breasts, on the long neck a hairless head, the lips slightly open, a small nose, the protruding eyes opened only a little bit; aged karité wood with traces of sacrifications.

Lit.: The stylistic development of the Lobi-carver. What you have written about Bonkfante makes me wonder … . Besuch bei Youl Bonkfante, June 2012. Über Abenteuerberichte, Quartett- und Schwarzpeter-Spiele unter den Lobiisten und einem artigen Professor, der hilflos zusehen muß. A Link to amazing photos of a Lobi funeral ceremony and about Youl Bolare by Guy Le Querrec.

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Bonkfanté Lobi
The carver Youl Bonkfanté.

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