Lobi figure from Bonko village


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Lobi figure from Bonko village, 8 km from Gaoua.
The results are questionable, but it is an important carving workshop from the environment of the Birifor carver Youl Bolaré; this male Lobi sculpture, Burkina Faso, is standing on block-shaped feet, the right arm and its hand carved close to the body, the left arm, angled, resting on the belly, oval big head with almond-shaped big eyes and half-circular eyebrows, ears set far back on the head, the coiffure set off with pattern from the shape of the head; heavy, hard wood with traces of sacrificing and some holes on the body and face, especially above the left foot.

Siehe Lit.: Daniela Bognolo, Buchreihe “Visions of Africa”, “Lobi”, 5 Continents Editions.

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Height: 82 cm
Weight: 5 kg

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Weight 5 kg