An Ijo (Ijaw) “Otojo” helmet mask


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An Ijo (Ijaw) “Otojo” helmet mask in shape of a crocodile, Nigeria, was carved to honor Bini Oru, spirit of water, during masquerades Owu. It was fixed horizontally on the top of the skull; remnants of white kaolin and traces of ritual use.

These masks and other artistic productions are intended to honor aquatic spirits, Oro, whom they worship and to whom sacrifices were intended. Fishermen had to be careful not to offend these spirits or they could kill their wrath by means of the various dangerous animal species in the area, such as hippos, crocodiles or pythons. Their neighbours Igbo-Ekpeya use similar masks during masquerades egbukere .
Source: Arts of Nigeria, A.lebas, ed. 5Continents; Niger Delta.

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Weight 1.6 kg