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An Igala mask from Nigeria consisting of a round shape and an elongated chin section, on the round head part starting from the root of the nose seven burls are arranged in a row, which extend to the rear edge of the mask, Regularly painted are also round circles over the entire upper part, in the lower part of the mask openwork almond-shaped eyes with zigzag patterned eyebrows, a straight nose with small holes underneath up to the lower end of the chin section, two diagonal lines starting from the nose; hard wood with age patina and kaolin pigments.

Masquerades are a central part of Igala rituals, and the masks and costumes used in them are the most important art forms of Igala.
According to Boston (in Berns, Fardon, and Kasfir 2011: 170), “The Igala-speaking peoples live southeast of the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers, and they share a border with the Igbo to the south and the Idoma to the east. Because of their strategic location, they have come into contact with many other peoples and have particular traditions of conflict with Benin and the Jukun Kingdom in the past. Linguistically and culturally, however, they have more in common with the Yoruba, although this basic similarity does not extend to the Yoruba preference for urban life.”

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Weight 2.1 kg