An Ife/Owo (?) Stone head

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An Ife/Owo (?) Stone head, fragmentary egg-shaped, a full-lipped mouth, beneath a wedgeshaped, small nose with prominent nostrils, framed by bulging coffee-bean eyes; Grantite-stone partly eroded, incl. stand.

Although Frank Willett writes to the Ife heads on page 136, plate 61, in his”Ife” book: “Heads are not all naturalistic, the highly stylized visuals are more human than they are.” there are doubts that this stone-sculpture is from Ife/Owo, Especially the coffee bean eyes don´t fit to the Ife- stye, although the last owner claims that the head should come from Owo – about 120 km from Ife. The Owo and Ife sculptures are very similar.

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Height: 13 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

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Weight 1.5 kg