An extremely unusual Ibeji couple

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An extremely unusual Ibeji couple, probably from the central or eastern Igbomina region (Omu Aran, Oro, Ijara or Esie), on a round base, large feet, wide gluteae, 3/4 length trousers belted with a cord, above a long underarm shirt with an angular neckline, long thin arms, both hands holding an object resembling a gourd, narrow shoulders, a long neck curved forward, the ears sit at the back of the head, the mouth is beak-like, from the finely worked high hairstyle reaches a kind of ponytail in a flat curve down to the neck; both Ibeji are carved very carefully and in great detail, the faces are heavily rubbed by endless stroking and caressing, light and dark shiny vivid patina, small spots of insect caused damage at the lower edge of one of the shirts and on one arm, remains of Camwood. Exceptionally rare.

„Der Mund ist in einer Art Schnabel geschnitzt, und der Gesamtausdruck des Gesichts ist auch vogelkopfähnlich.“ Jantzen/Bertsch, Doppel-Leben, 98.

Lit: Polo/David, Catalogue, 2001, 842, 843, 850, 860, 870. Polo, Enzyklopädie, 2008, 571-573, 578-581, 584-592. Stoll, Ibeji, 1980, 288, no. 211, 219.

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Height: 28,5 cm / 27,5 cm
Weight: 229 g / 220 g


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