An extremely rare Mossi-Kuruba funeral mask

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An extremely rare Mossi-Kuruba funeral mask, Burkina Faso, Kaya/Dori region, village Arbida, the lower part of the helmet-like mask shows a certain similarity to the Wan-Zenga Mask of the Boulsa style and a similarity to the famous Karan Wemba masks of the Mossi regarding the female sculpture, strong hips and gluteae, a bulging navel, the breasts tapering with a subtle forward swing, the arms hanging very slightly bent beside the body, the hands outstretched, the back is somewhat curved, as is the neck, the mouth is slightly open, especially the lower lip is full, a short almost triangular nose, large nearly round eyes, semicircular ears, a short hairstyle with a braided plait next to each ear, carved scarification marks all over the body; the index finger of the left hand is half broken off, clear remains of white kaolin – the color of mourning, in a fine aged condition with significant signs of age und use in particular the female sculpture has a fine touch patina.

Lit.: Roy/Wheelock, Land of the Flying Masks. Art and Culture in Burkina Faso. 2007, no. 122-124, p. 406/407.

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