An excellent and delicately crafted expressive pair of Ibeji


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An excellent and delicately crafted expressive pair of Ibeji which has identifying elements of the Awori, the Egba and most of all the Ibarapa. They are standing on round bases, the back is smooth without the carved backbone, the navel is protruding, the chest is well emphasized, the shoulders are straight. The hands are held at the height of the hips, connected to the body with the finger tips, the thumbs are held straight downwards. The head sits on a well proportioned neck, the mouth with the protruding lips is slightly open, the eyes are almond-shaped, bordered all around and pierced, the ears have a particular shape. Both figures have the same hairstyle which is crested and plaits radiate upwards on both sides, the coiffures are painted black. Both wear aprons knotted in the back, projecting down; finely carved and beautifully patinated, a few minor cracks.

While the pattern on the aprons seem to be typical Egba-style (f.e. Ibeji Catalogue 14, type E) the hands indicate an Awori or even more an Ibarapa work (f.e. Ibeji Catalogue 264, type E or 61, type B and 60, type A).

„Diese Ibeji sind, wie wir bereits erwähnt haben, stilistisch schwer einzuordnen, da sie oft Stilelemente aufweisen, die auch in anderen Yorubagebieten vorkommen. Ferner ist eine herkunftsmäßige Abgrenzung zu sen südlichen Egba- und den ganz im Süden gelegenen Awori-Ibeji schwierig.“ Zwillingsfiguren S. 107.

Lit.: Mareidi und Gert Still, Ibeji, Zwillingsfiguren der Yoruba, 1980, S. 95, 104/105, 107. Fausto Polo, Jean David, Catalogue of the Ibeji, 2001, 264 type E, 61 type B, 60 type A, 14 type E (skirt), 11 type B. Fausto Polo, Enzyklopädie der Ibeji, 2008. Hanni Jantzen, Ludwig Bertsch, Doppel-Leben, Ibeji, Zwillingsfiguren der Yoruba, 1993, Abb. 92.

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