An Egba Ibeji couple

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An Egba Ibeji couple from Abeokuta, in the style of the Adugbologe family, round bases, backbone carved, the glutei peeking out from under the apron round like two little apples, navel protruding, shoulders round, chest emphasized, hands joined to body at height of hips, with tips of the four fingers bent down, thumbs held away from the body pointing downwards, ears attached closely to the head at top with protruding pierced lobes at bottom, mouth slightly open and protruding with well emphasized lips, broad tipped nose, pierced elliptical eyes bordered all around with upper lids bulging, hairstyle crested at top of head, shaved smooth below, a pearl-like band around the hairstyle, three vertical scarification marks on each cheek and on the forehead, as often with Egba Ibeji, the male wear an apron; dark wood, beautiful touching patina. Rarity grade according to Polo/David: scarce.

Lit: Polo/David, Catalogue, 2001, 11, 17. Polo, Enzyklopädie, 2008, 119-122, 143. Stoll, Ibeji, 1980, 101-106, Abb. 3+4. Jantzen/Bertsch, Doppel-Leben, 1993, 126.

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Height: 24 cm / 25 cm
Weight: 170 g / 200 g


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