An Aja, Voodoo healing terracotta

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An Aja, Voodoo healing terracotta of Togo or Benin, collected close to the Mono river, border region between Togo and Benin, remnants of white kaolin; some small damages but otherwise surprisingly good condition.

“The art of manufacturing and the knowledge of its use are reserved for only a few old people today; the young generation, brought up by missionaries, often no longer even know of their existence”, Karl-Ferdinand Schaedler, Erde und Erz, S. 271.

Lit.: Blier, Suzanne Preston. African Vodun – art, psychology and power. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1995. Karl-Ferdinand Schaedler, Erde und Erz. 2500 Jahre Afrikanische Kunst aus Terrakotta und Metall, 1979.


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Height: 62 cm
Weight: 6,2 kg

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Weight 6.2 kg