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A Yoruba mask, Osi region, northeast Yorubaland, Nigeria.

Oloju Foforo, the face with bulging eyes, at the cheeks rectangular holes, pierced through, surmounted by two kneeling female figures with linked arms, one holding the breasts, each with crested domed headdresses, encrusted reddish patina.

According to Kevin Carroll (Sprits and Kings, – African Art from the Tishman Collection, New York, 1981, p.120), the oloju foforo mask appears only in the neighborhood of Osi, the central village of the Opin Ekiti clan in northeastern Yorubaland, where they are danced during the rites for Baba Osi, the chief orisha. For a similar mask also surmounted by two kneeling embracing females see Schaedler, K.-F., Gods Spritis Ancestors, Munich, 1993, p.119, fig.89.

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Weight 1.2 kg