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A Yaure mask of hollowed form, a pointed beak-like mouth beneath an elongated nose with broad nostrils ending in high arched nostrils, the eyes in shape of coffee beans, pierced through, a fine, ornamental elaborated coiffure, framed by tapering, pointed ears, surmounted by kalao-bird with large, curved beak spreading out it’s wings, decorated with accurately carved geometric patterns, beneath a carved zig-zag barb a rim with attachment-holes; honey-colored natural-brownish patina with an extremely smooth surface, thin-walled, signs of ritual use.

Boyer, Alain-Michel, Patrick Girard, Marceau Rivière, Art Premiers de Cote d´Ívoire, Sepia, 1997; 83, 84.

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Height: 49 cm
Weight: 1,1 kg

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Weight 1.1 kg