A very rare female Yagba Ibeji


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A very rare female Yagba Ibeji from Egbe in a beautiful touched condition. On a round base, the carved backbone well emphasised, the breasts slim and long with accentuated nipples, the shoulders narrow and round, the hands touch horizontally across the abdomen, the neck strong, the ears set back a bit, the mouth narrow, straight and well outlined, the nose short and flat with a broad tip, the eyes semicircular with the lashes carved on the upper lid and with the lower lid bordered, the hairstyle high and artistic, around the neck a black pearl necklace which is said to offer protection from Abiku, the powerful spirit of “children born to die”; a crack in the backside of the base and along the backbone, remains of washing blue on the hair and camwood on the body, a beautiful touching patina.

Lit.: Fausto Polo, Jean David, Catalogue of the Ibeji, 2001, type C, 982. Fausto Polo, Enzyklopädie der Ibeji, 2008, 653.

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Height: 28,5 cm
Weight: 310 g

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