A Tiv maternity


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A Tiv maternity, Nigeria, posted on a base, seated on a two legged stool, angular legs leading to rounded hips, a column toros with a pointed navel and pendant breasts, decorated with incised short lines, framed by powerful angular shoulders leading to bent arms holding a child in its hands, and another one is clinging to her back looking sidewise, notched back line, an elongated, slightly tapering neck supporting a spherical head with a pointed mouth beneath a small nose framed by pierced almond-shaped eyes, which are deep set, perforated large c-shaped ears with a significant tragus, scarification patterns on the face, capped by two-parted coiffure terminating at the back in a bun, brown patina, partly encrusted with traces of sacrifications and remains of chicken-feathers, traces of age.

800 – 900,- Euro

Height: 68 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg

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Weight 4.5 kg