A small female Senufo Rhythm Pounder


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A small female Senufo Rhythm Pounder or guardian sculpture, border area between Ivory Coast and Mali, standing on a cylindrical base, short legs, wide hips and powerful gluteae, clearly formed labia, rounded shoulders, slightly angled arms, hands hanging down with fingers not closed, scarification marks on the wrists and the pointed breasts, on the narrowing neck rests a downwards prolonged head with an iroquois-like hair cut, circular ears, the nose is long, straight and round at the tip, the lips are shaped like a lying 0, the eyes are closed, the statue wears a necklace with a square amulet; heavy dark-colored wood, aged patina, small age cracks, insect damage to the right glutaeus, shiny rubbing marks on face, neck, upper arms, belly, nipples and labia.


Lit.: Kat. Ausst. Die Kunst der Senufo, Elfenbeinküste. Mit einem Beitrag von Till Förster, Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin 1990. Burkhard Gottschalk, Senufo. Massa und die Statuen des Poro, Düsseldorf 2002. Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi, Senufo unbound. Dynamics of art and identity in West Africa, 2015. Till Förster, Smoothing the Way of the Dead, A Senufo Rhythm Pounder, Yale University Art Gallery Bulletin (2005).

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Height:  90 cm
Weight:  6,8 kg

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Weight 6.8 kg