A Sirige related Dogon mask, called “Kewe”

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A Sirige related Dogon mask, called “Kewe”, of large dimension, region Bankas, village Ene , the u-shaped head with similar eyes, pierced through, a long plank-like overhead with a carved zig-zag rim in open work is showing rows of 14 figures; partly encrusted, a former woodworm isn´t alive anymore, one small triangular piece on the right side of the upper part of the plank is missing, purchased in situ by the Dogon Oumaro Gindo 2004;
the mask was infested with woodworm in the past, but it has not been active for years.

Dogon sculpture is intimately linked with spiritual beliefs related to  ancestors, both real ancestors and mythic Nommo spirits (primordial ancestors created by the central god, Amma). Figures are made to house the spirits of deceased family members and are placed in family shrines, and masks are used to drive away the spirits of the deceased at the end of the mourning period. About 80 mask types have been developed, and the masks are worn by young adult members of Awa, the men’s masking association. One type of mask, called  sirige, has a tall, flat projection above the face (a feature found also in the masks of the neighbouring Mossi and Bobo), which is said to represent a multistory house. 

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Height: 204 cm
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Weight 5.8 kg