A Senufo sculpture

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A Senufo sculpture of a male figure, Northern Ivory Coast, seated on a four leg stool, the slender torso with pointed navel, holding a axe in its right hand, touching the shoulder, the other arm wit a bent hand touching the left thigh, an elongated neck supporting an ovoid head, fine fascial features, with pointed mouth, baring the teeth, the slender nose with small bulging eyes, the single domed coiffure with a pigtail at the back and the shape of the traditional hairdress of the Senufo woman at the front, which probably doesn´t exist anymore in the Senufo villages or at least become extremly rare; the sculpture has a resinous coloured patina, an agecrack on the right shoulder and an authentic repair at the right arm.

Origin: Collection Bodo Bucinsky, Berlin, Germany

The traditional Hairdress of the Senufo,
Source Hans Himmelheber

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Height: 65 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg

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Weight 3.2 kg