A Senufo Rhythmpounder (called Deblé)


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A Senufo Rhythmpounder (called Deblé), Ivory Coast, standing on an asymmetrical, rough base, the legs from the pedestal outstanding, which represents an older type than those Deblé, where also feet were carved. The arms show clear signs of ritual use. The head with its forward mouth shows a small row of teeth that continues in a narrow nose framed by large protruding coffee bean eyes and small crescent-shaped ears. The forehead shows line-shaped Scaraifications, the hairstyle is high vaulted with a partially eroded handle on top. A very archaic Deblé, which in its primitive expressiveness is certainly not a specimen carved for the market. Origin Collection Abdu Barré, Lomé, Togo.

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Height: 112 cm
Weight: 5,9 kg

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Weight 5.9 kg