A Senufo Kponyungo zoomorphic mask


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A Senufo Kponyungo zoomorphic mask, heavy encrusted patina with remnants of colorful pigments, incl. stand.

Among the Senufo, poro is the generic name for age-grade associations whose functions include interceding with supernatural forces, honoring ancestors, and educating young people. The many elements of composite horizontal masks called kponyungo portray powerful spirits that escort the deceased to the other world and protect the community from supernatural danger. Expressing its potency in that realm, this mask’s animal references include a crocodile’s jaw, a hyena’s snout, and horns of both a ram and an antelope.

s. Cleveland Museum, Senufo Exhibition.

900 – 1.200,- Euro

Height: 75 cm
Weight: 1,7 kg

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Weight 1.7 kg