A Senufo couple


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A Senufo couple from the region Korhogo, village Sinématialé, seated on high stools, the male sculpture is pressing his hands against the abdomen, the bigger female statue holds a suckling child sitting on the mother’s lap in an unusual angled way, the head with the mouth sucking at the breast is strongly turned, also remarkable are the raised shoulders, which seem to be the identifying feature of this carver, they harmonise with the large round gluteae and form a perfect contrapost to the knees, the prolonged lower legs and the curved torso, on the long neck sits a elongated head, big animal-like ears, softly closed lips, a long nose with a broader tip, the eyelids closed, creating a dreamy expression, numerous scarifications, the man wears a fez-like hat, the female has a crested coiffure; blackened encrusted patina due to frequent ritual use, signs of high age, probably early 20th century, age cracks.

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Height: 75 cm / 62 cm
Weight: 5,2 kg / 4,2 kg


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