A scarce Igbomina Ibeji couple


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A scarce Igbomina Ibeji couple from Ajasse, which is attributed to the workshop of DAGIKONLE, who was working in the first half of the 20th century. The male is a little bit taller than the female Ibeji, the bases are formed by the two feet wearing high sandals, the legs are short and spread apart, the hands and feet are elaborately carved, the back is smooth, without the carved backbone, the pubic hair is carved as little triangles, the genitalia are well emphasized, so are the chest and the breasts, who have incised nipples, the neck is strong, the hairstyle is high and crested and the hair is painted with Reckitt varnish, the forehead tapers to a ridge in the middle and is very high, the ears are set low on the back of the head, the nose also has a sharp ridge, the eyes are semicircular, big and bordered all around, there are three vertical scarification marks on each cheek, the mouth is straight and open, with a prominent row of upper teeth lacking the central incisors. This is – besides the base and the eyes – a main identifying feature. Dark brown patina, remains of Camwood.

Note the modeling of the body, the workmanship of the hands and feet, the details in the carvings of the faces. Compare them with the Ibejis from DAGIKONLE depicted in Fausto Polo´s books.

Lit.: Fausto Polo, Jean David, Catalogue of the Ibeji, 2001, no. 912, type C. Fausto Polo, Enzyklopädie der Ibeji, 2008, No.628, 629, 630 and 631. R.F. Thompson, Black god of kings, 1971 B: Ch. 13, pl. 75.

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