A rare and original Fon fetish


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A rare and original Fon fetish figure with textile wrappings in several layers, as well as chains and strings to which numerous objects such as padlocks, keys, animal bones, vegetable fibres, iron parts and in the lower area small red textile scraps are attached; this fetish was used in rituals to protect against occult attacks; the patina on the head of the wearer figure is heavily encrusted due to the long period of ceremonial offering.

In Africa, sculpture is a symbolic writing intended for ritual use. The artist who makes a fetish has been commissioned to do so, usually by a fetisher. The artist makes the fetish accessible to the Vodun user through the things that the object expresses; there is no functional quest for beauty. Everything is pared down to the essential, dedicated to the purpose of the object, which is primarily mystical, magical.
Patrick Vilaire “VODUN OBJECTS”, excerpted from the catalog Vodun: African Voodoo, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, 2011.

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Height: 46 cm
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Weight 6.3 kg