A PramPram sculpture

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A PramPram sculpture, Ghana, elongated body with tapering limbs, a spherical head, mouth, navel, ears and nipples are represented as hollows, the nose in shape of a tiny ridge, ears. The shape of the figure is curved and thus follows the specification of the wood.

“A great discovery were the so called “Prampram” sculptures, which are stylistically related to the Northern part of the small tribes in Northern Ghana and Togo, in particular the Moba. In my interview Baba Sylla, Accra, Ghana, isn’t speaking about a “tribe“, he named it “a great family”, which seems to be incorrect under anthropological aspects, but it is a link to the fact, how small this “tribe” is or was in reality. May be this is the reason that these sculptures are unknown in literature. Only Karl-Heinz Krieg (short before his death) conducted unpublished researches with voice protocols close to the hut, where these sculptures were once part of a shrine. But a friend of him told me that Mr. Krieg had no possibility to access the hut.”

Lit.: Dogbe, B.K. (1977). “The human form as a central theme in art” in Image (Journal of the College of Art), Interview with Baba Sylla, the well known Antique dealer in Accra, Ghana, who collected these sculptures the first time.

prampram fieldfoto karl heinz krieg
Fieldphoto, Karl Heinz Krieg, around 2010, in front of the house of Baba Sylla with his collection.

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Weight 1.2 kg