A Pair of Yoruba Edan Ogboni staffs

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A Pair of Yoruba Edan Ogboni staffs; fine, aged bronze patina, incl. stand.

“The edan ogboni (also called edan osugbo among the Ijebu and Egba of Yorubaland) is used by Ogboni cult members as a symbol of membership but it is also believed to be the god Edan in physical form. When a new member joins the cult, he or she is given an edan to represent the expectation of secrecy from all cult members; the staff remains in the member’s possession till death. When not in use, the staff is stored in the inner corners of the member’s home (away from public view) and is always kept highly polished.”
Source: Adenike Cosgrove

500 – 600,- Euro

Height: 38 cm / 37 cm
Weight: 720 g / 710 g


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