A Nunuma zoomorphic mask


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A Nunuma zoomorphic mask from the region Boromo, Burkina Faso, of hollowed form, a long snout, an open mouth showing two rows of teeth, bulging eyes, the eyebrows slightly raised, large zoomorphic ears, the mask pierced through around the rim for attachment; fine aged patina with black, reddish and white pigments, showing traces of ritual use, incl. stand. Provenance Mohamed Belo Garba, Korhogo, Ivory Coast.

Lit.: Christopher D. Roy/Thomas G.B. Wheelock: Land of the Flying Masks. Art and Culture in Burkina Faso. The Thomas G. B. Wheelock Collection, Prestel 2007; Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone: Die Regenmacher. Maskenzauber und Stammesriten, Paris 2020; Till Förster: Skulptur in Westafrika. Masken und Figuren aus Burkina Faso. Sammlung “Burkina Faso” aus dem Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft, Freiburg im Breisgau, Bremen 1995.

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Height: 28 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg (incl. stand)

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Weight 1.8 kg