A Nunuma hyena mask


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A Nunuma hyena mask with wide open mouth and large tongue, the long snout decorated with ornaments begins just below two large eye holes surrounded by round arches, the brows. On the head sit two long tapered ears; a dull patina with encrustations and residues of white and red pigments.

“The masks of the Winiama and Léla are the most geometric and nonrepresentational of the gurunsi styles. Like the Nunuma, series of lines may radiate from target-shaped eyes, and the geometric patterns painted red, white, and black are similar, although they are applied in different combinations. As a result some Winiama masks may be easily misattributed to the Nunuma or the Bwa. However, the Winiama carve several mask types that include either one or two flat, curving vertical horns paired side-by-side or rising from the top of the head. These horns occur very rarely among the Nunuma and never among the Bwa. The mouths of Winiama masks are usually open lozenge shapes, with angular corners, broad lips, and barred teeth, in contrast to the characteristic Nunuma triangular snout. While the type of animal spirit represented by Bwa, Nuna, or Nunuma masks is usually easy to identify, Winiama masks are often so stylized that they resemble no recognizable animal.”

Wheelock (in Roy and Wheelock 2006: 400, cat. 90) adds that these masks exist in single, double, and triple-crested examples. For related masks see Schaedler (1973: 59, fig. 63); Roy (1987: figs. 196 and 197); Roy and Wheelock (2006: cats. 86-90).

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Weight 1.4 kg