A Mossi Foulse Antelope Mask

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A Mossi Foulse Antelope Mask, which were used also by the Peulh, Burkina Faso, region Arbinda/Dori, of hollowed form, surmounted by a pair of tall, elegantly curved, parallel planks which are joined at the top and the bottom, they root between the triangular, mysterious cut-out eyes; at the rim the mask is pierced for attachment; heavily encrusted patina with remnants of kaolin, evidence of considerable age and cultic use. Provenance: Mohamed Belo Garba.

Christopher Roy describes this type as the best known, but also the most enigmatic of the tall plank-topped masks of the northern Mossi style (Alain and François Chaffin, Art of the Upper Volta Rivers 1987, p. 131). related exemplare Bonhams 13 Nov 2018.

Height: 76 cm
Weight: 1,3 kg

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Weight 1.3 kg