A Moba Tchitcheri bawoong sculpture

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A Moba Tchitcheri bawoong sculpture, Northern Togo, of weathered condition, with an iron necklace of oxidised patina. Traces of sacrification in particular on top of the sculpture.

In Moba communities of northeastern Ghana and northwestern Togo, diviners influence and direct the commissioning, design, and ritual treatment of sculptural forms created for several different kinds of domestic shrines. Both the scale and the relatively abstract form of this particular work suggest that it was probably owned by an extended family or clan. It was associated with their origins and played a vital role in assuring their collective well-being.

In Moba society, when ancestral offerings fail to provide an individual with desired relief, an earth oracle with an established reputation is consulted. In advising individuals, families, or clans, Moba diviners prescribe tchitcheri figures to fortify their clients and improve their lives. Such works increase the efficacy of the ritual actions performed at shrines by calling forth positive ancestral influences. They are protective and promote health and prosperity on a range of different levels. When a particular problem disrupted an individual’s life, diviners often recommended the addition of a figurative work to that person’s private altar. Similarly, problems of broader concern, such as diseased livestock, poor harvests, or infertility, often led diviners to prescribe that a larger work be commissioned for a family shrine.

Source: MET Museum, NY.

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Height: 59 cm
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Weight 7.9 kg