A male Yoruba metal sculpture


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A male Yoruba metal sculpture from Nigeria holding a devotional or medicine vessel in his hands, sitting on his legs, large head with sharply cut facial features, large eyes and pointed nose; ochre-greenish patina.

As Fagg, Pemberton and Holocombe (1982: 190) note, “At the beginning of a divination session, at other moments in then rhythmic movement of the ritual, a priest of Ifa will gently tap the point of his tapper, iroke or irofa against the edge of this divining board. He is invoking the attention of Orisha Orunila, the deity who was present at creation and knows the personal destiny of all men and women.” Fagg, Pemperton and Holcombe, 1982, Yoruba sculpture of West Africa, New York, 1982

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Height: 13 cm
Weight: 155 g

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