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A male Lobi sculpture of an unidentified Lobi sculpture of the Latera region. According of my reacherches in Latara, close to Kampti, this carver was subsumed to Sib Koukouré, who died two years ago. But I have doubts that Koukouré is the creator, because there stylistic peculiarities, which are indications for a seperat carver of this region. The fascial features are more grave, the arched eyebrows are carved accuratly, the shoulders are normally a little bit pointed and the back is always “threeparted”, an identification mark, which the Koukouré sculptures never have. A Berlin Lobi collector mentioned this last feature a couple of years ago as as a specific mark of two small sculptures, which are /were in his collection. This is one of two larger figures with these peculiarities. I hazzard a guess that this is a different – till now not identified carver – of the Latara region. According of the rareness of these sculptures, I suppose this carver is from another, earlier generation of the Latara carvers with a strong influence to the wellknown Sib Koukouré and may be also to Polfothe, the most skillfull carver of this village near Kampti. We collected another smaller exemplare from the same African provenance. This carver is extremly rare nowadays. His non-relevant element is obviously the three-parted back and not the ears, which are similar to other Latara carvers.

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Height: 65 cm
Weight: 5,8 kg

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Weight 5.8 kg