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A Lobi sculpture of the Some Binlare workshop; heavy, hard wood, one foot is broken.

A large Lobisculpture, according of the diviner and sculptor Loupité Pale, born 1938, a figure carved by his father Some Binlarè, who died 1980 or 1981 in the vicinity of Gongonbili, South-West from Gaoua. The first sculptures of this carver/ his circumstances were discovered in 2007. At this time we collected the first five sculptures and in this year other eleven statues. Five of the recently discovered figures were purchased directly from Loupité Pale. A height more than one meter; encrusted by blood-sacrifications. Only a fragmentary sculpture of this carver was discoverd by a Spanish Artdealer some months before we could collect this great number of exemplares. In March 2008 we could identify this carver and his circumstances by his family.”Now we have collected more than 70 exemplares. It is strange that a carver of this quality was “discovered” so late, even though some of these works of Art are – according of the encrusted patina and the condition of the wood – probably high aged. The reason I am supposing: The style of this carver/workshop isn´t typical for the Lobi-figures, which are established in Western collections. Recently a collector told me, that he has purchased an exemplare of this carver years ago, but it is now stored in the cellar, where he has his tribalart-skeletons in his closet. Till now I haven´t seen this figure probably it´s an exemplare of less importance of Lobiart in the eyes of the collector or it is even subsumed under the lable “decadent style”, a judgement I have heard more than one time. Of course there are skeletons existing in tribalart-collections. But for me these “sekeletons” are – maybe – more related to certain way of “provenance-collecting” than to the works of Arts itself.

according of different sculptural charcteristics we try to find out, which sculpture is coming from Some Binlare, from his sons or other persons around the master-carver.

Other Sculptures of this workshop, which was founded by Some Binlare, Gongonbili,
Agnes Pataux, Coeur blanc – Ventre blanc, 2010, S. 40, Jeschke/van Vliet,
Berlin 28.1.2012, Nr. 3; Lobi, Greschik-Catalogue, S. 82.

some binlare workshop
photo: wj 

A photo of a house near Gaoua from a person,
who has collected some sculptures of the Some Binlare
workshop, which he has collected in the area of Gongombili.
On top a photo of Mecca and above the remnants of the
Animism of the Lobi. Second sculpture from right the
figure, which is now offered

4.000 – 6.000,- Euro

Height: 115 cm
Weight: 9,5 kg

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Weight 9.5 kg