A Lobi sculpture of Bimtiote Dah


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A Lobi sculpture of Bimtiote Dah, a carver from the Ivory Coast region, region of Bouna; partly fragmentary several insect damages and repairs.

According of Binathé Kambou, who located the artist´s place of birth in the vicinity of Bouna, Ivory Coast, the carvers name is Bimyote Dah. He was working near Sansana, 20 km southwords from Gaoua. He died at the beginning of the 1990th, when he was about 70 years old. He has only one son, who is still working as a diviner in the same region. According of Adama Poujougou, Bamako, who saw photos of four objects, this carver is wellknown and once acquired a certain fame for his works, which become rare nowadays, because “the carver died long time ago.” Poujougou didn´t know the name of the carver. (More detail informations on request. Even Binaté was the informant of many ethnologists, who did fieldworks in the Lobi-country, secure informations can be only verified by different, independent sources. We will do more researches about the carver and the circumstaces of his life and work on our next tour in February/March. 2008).

Sammlung Rainer Greschik, Westafrikanische Skulpturen, Lobi, 2016, S. 126, Werkgruppe 01.

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Height: 83 cm
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Binate Kambou, in front of his house near Gaoua with one of the sculptures, who was identified by the carver Bimtiote Dah, confirmed by the son of the sculptor, who is living in sassana, June 2007.

photo: wj

The fetisheur of Sansana, the son of
Bimtiote Dah, who confirmed the these
sculptures as works of his father.

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Weight 5.2 kg