A Lobi Maternity of Sib Koukouré


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A Lobi Maternity of Sib Koukouré, Burkina Faso, Latara, close to Kampti, dead since 2011.
This sculpture was a personal gift to wj, outside of any ritual use.

According of Daniela Bognolo Sib Koukouré isn´t alive anymore (1955 – 2003 -Visions of Africa, Lobi, 2007; 59) but we found him still going strong in Latara and he gave us detail informations about Palé Nifouthé, who died 1966 in an age about 70 years.

Lit.: Wolfgang Jaenicke, A carving session with Sib Koukoure, Lit.: Wolfgang Jaenicke, A head stake of Koukoure, Wolfgang Jaenicke, A head stake of Koukoure

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Height: 54 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg

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Weight 2.3 kg