A Lobi couple of Kilite Noufe


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A Lobi couple of Kilite Noufe, karite wood, purchchased in 2011, interesting how quick these sculptures are becoming an “aged patina” in Africa, a fact which many European collectors don´t know or ignor.

Question to the sculptor: “Why is the female sculpture so much bigger than the male?”
Kilite´s answer: “The woman is more important than the man!”
Question: “Why do women have portable altars (the vessel on top of the figure) instead of the man?”

Kilite: “So the woman can go everywhere, the man has to go to the house to do certain ceremonies”.

From an interview in 2011.

1.200 – 1.600,- Euro

Height: 73 cm / 58 cm
Weight: 3 kg / 2,1 kg

Kilite Noufe and WJ with the enclosed sculptures, April, 2011.

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