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A large Muso Massa sculpture of the Godjiila village, Kuruma region, 80 km from Segou, wearing a Koakoto hat, which has a certain similarity with the crown like cap of the Gwandusu, but without the fetish packages on each side, which is called Kongoro. In reality these haeddresses don´t exist anymore, but there should be photos of old Bamana women around 1900, wearing these tradition headdresses. Maybe one day I will find one exemplare, which would be a great ethnographic treasure. It shows the first woman of the chief de village, the great healer of the village or the woman of the warlord, all three high ranked personalities in the Bamana hierachie. The second woman is called Dokamissa a type of sculpture we also collected several times and it was sacrfied in the Bamana film clip, we published recently. According of the traditional Bamana law the first child of Muso Massa has to be given to Dokamissa – the second woman in the familial hierarchy of the women, if Dokamissa hasn´t at that moment no child, the first child of Muso Massa has always the name Sujulu Kuruma and the first cild of Sukulu Kuruma has always the name Sunjata Keita., which shows the Bamana society has much more named familial relations than we know. It would be a great challenge to find out the sociological reason for this particualarity,

Lit. Wolfgang Jaenicke/ Daba Diarra, “Informations about a Muso Massa”.

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Height: 113 cm
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Weight 16.6 kg