A large male Lobi sculpture


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A large male Lobi sculpture of slender form, the right arm is raised in a greeting gesture. It was broken and has been repaired. The left arm carved close to the body, the hand rests flat on the uniform-like trousers, the cap looks like the headgear of a French “Flic”, the expression in the male face appears stern and sceptical, the mouth is slightly opened, the nose is broad and fleshy, the narrow eyes are overcast by flat arched eyebrows, the statue wears a fragmentary loin cloth; heavy, hard and greyish Sankolo wood, remnants of kaolin, signs of age and ritual use.

Lit.: Giovanni Franco Scanzi, Lobi Traditional Art, 1993.

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Height: 77 cm
Weight: 6,4 kg

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Weight 6.4 kg