A large Lobi couple


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A large Lobi couple of the Buna region, Ivory Coast, standing on wedgeshaped feet with legs and torso carved in a rough cubistic manner, the male head globular, the female with a domed forehead an d a protruding mouth; like many sculptures from the ivory part of the Lobi country, coverd with kaolin-sacrifications instead of encrusted chickenblood-remnants, which is more common in the Burkina-part of the Lobi country, we tryed to identify the name of the sculpture, but this needs fieldwork in this abondoned region and for sure according of the stylistic elements the carver is passed away since a long time without a following workshop.

800 – 1.000,- Euro

Height: 60 cm / 59 cm
Weight: 5,7 kg / 5,3 kg

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