A large Ibo or Calabar vessel


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A large Ibo or Calabar vessel with three anthropomorphic heads wearing threeparted coiffures, which is more typical for the Ibo than for the Calabar, significant traces of use and age; fine occhre to reddish, smooth patina, a small piece at the rim is missing but in general of good condition.

These terracotta vessels and terracotta figures from the Crossriver area – called “Ntekpe” by the Ibo – are considered “children of the shrine and its deity” and serve to protect it. The shrines are placed in small dwellings, at the entrance to the courtyard and in gardens near the house.

Lit.: Schaedler, Karl-Ferdinand, Erde und Erz, 1979, p. 248 – 256.

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Height: 53 cm
Weight: 5,6 kg

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Weight 5.6 kg