A large Fon / Voodoo

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A large Fon / Voodoo ensemble with numerous figures and a crocodile-like monster in the middle, placed on a rectangular board, different attachments like iron, fabric, raffia etc; the sacrificial patina gives this important sculpture a restrained gray appearance.

“In the Ewe language, voodoo means guardian spirit. The search for the avoidance of evil or the donation of healing powers play a central role in the lives of the faith members and shape the artistic work. From various materials such as wood, bones, shells, cords and fabric fibers in West Africa a variety of anthropomorphic sculptures, jewelry and fetishes were made, which are used in rituals and show different facets depending on the function – mysterious and beautiful to combative and scary.

Anne and Jacques Kerchache have gathered in Togo and Benin a variety of representative pieces that reflect the cult’s customs and reveal influences of the African, Caribbean and Western worlds. Over three months, Yuji Ono photographed the exhibits, 200 of his photographs, including photographs and personal texts by Jacques Kerchache, illustrate his passion for African sculptor and voodoo art.” Vaudou, Fondation Cartier, 2011‚ This sculpture can be visited in the Wolfgang Jaenicke Gallery, Berlin, Invitation1.8.19.

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Dimensions: 48 cm
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 5,3 kg

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Weight 5.3 kg