A large Attie sculpture

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A large Attie sculpture, langunes people, Southern Ivory Coast, uprising from wedgeshaped feet, Arms and legs are highly segmented and correspond with torso, chest and breasts, which are similarly shaped. This interplay of stylistic elements, which are reflected in nearly all parts of the figure, gives this sculpture a uniqueness that goes far beyond the well-known Attifie figures.This is underlined by a certain asymmetry. A feature that is reflected in not a few works of African art, which we call “Masterpieces”. The neck ringed. The cylindrically rounded head with clssical fascial features has a hairstyle seems made up of a collection of carved balls, which we know from some exquisite Baule sculptures.

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Height: 123 cm
Weight: 10,9 kg

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Weight 10.9 kg