A Konkomba couple

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A Konkomba couple, Northernn Togo/ Northern Ghana, incl. stands.

 While the Moba Tchitcheri sculptures have been rediscovered since the 80s (the first sculptures of this kind were already in 1900 in some German Ethnology Museums) are the neighbors of Moba – the Kousasse and Konkomba and their distinctive style – until today almost unknown. Like the PramPram further south in Ghana, the Kousasse are also strongly influenced by the minimalist style of the Moba.

It is reported that the zigzag-shaped legs are more likely to be attributed to the Kousasse, while straight extremities are more likely to be attributed to the Konkomba. Both torsos are often conical and the arms of the Kousasse slightly curved arcuate. The mostly spherical head of Koussase resembles the heads of the Moba sculptures.

The Kousasse figures, however, usually have slightly indicated facial features. The distinction between the Kousasse and Konkomba sculptures is not always easy, as there is virtually no field research in the northern region of Ghana and Togo. This ancient figures, from the north of Togo or Ghana, is carved from heavy wood and is eroded by the weather-influences and insects.

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