A high aged Konkomba or Kousasse sculpture


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A high aged Konkomba or Kousasse sculpture, Northern Ghana or Northern Togo, close to the Moba population, standing on shortened highly abstract legs, broad hips, a columar torso, the elongated arms bandaged with leather strings for ritual medicine, the spherical head with archaic facial features, the eyes formed with cowrie-shells; extremly heavy hard wood, strongly weathered, posted on a blackened plinth.

It is conceivable that these works do not originate from the Konkomba, since the ethnic settlement is heterogeneous, as described above – and for instance is also the case for the northern Kusasi – or due to often unclear people denominations. This assumption would be reinforced by the fact that no consistent style seems to exist in these works attributed to the Konkomba. Keller.

Lit.: Hans Peter Hahn, Die materielle Kultur der Kokomba, Kabyè und Lamba, 1996. Thomas Keller, Northern Togo Statuary, 2018.

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Height: 114 cm
Weight: 25,7 kg (incl. stand).


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Weight 25.7 kg