A high aged female Senufo Rhythm Pounder, called “Deblé

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A high aged female Senufo Rhythm Pounder, called “Deblé, Ivory Coast, early 20th century, the legs uprising from a cylindrical base, the slender torso with hanging tapering breasts, the elongated arms carved close to the body with abstract hands touching the thighs,the large head with an elongated fascial plane, the mouth pointed beneath a slender nose, framed by cowrie shell eyes and sperirical disclike ears; exremly hard and heavy wood with a fine touch patina, which also verifyes its high age of about hundred years.

“Senufo artists carved this large wooden spirit figure, which is known as a deble [day-blay], or “bush spirit.” Deble figures can be male or female, and they are used in special rituals that take place at initiations, agricultural ceremonies, and funerals. During a funeral, honored groups of people stand in rows on sacred ground and, while holding the spirit figures at the elbows, slowly pound them on the earth. The dull sounds invite the souls of deceased ancestors, the “living dead,” to participate in the ceremonies. The sounds also purify the earth. This action is only one part of a ritual activity that also includes music and dance.” Source: Dallas Museum of Arts.

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Weight 9.8 kg