A fragmentary, high aged, Baule Double-Face Mask

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A fragmentary, high aged, Baule Double-Face Mask in elongated, oval shape, a pointed mouth, the elongated noses ending up in higharched brows, sliteyes, pierced trough, surrounded with remnants of kaolin, threeparted, domed coiffures; remants of sacrifications, blackeed, partly shiny coiffure: Early 20th century, heavy, hard wood, incl. handmade stand.

Old used Baule ritual-masks of this type are extremly rare, most pieces published in the Web are made for the market. This heavy eroded mask seems to be from the first generation of Baule-masks, either a replacement nor directly made for the market.


Height: 34 cm
Weight: 1,1 kg

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Weight 1.1 kg