A fragmentary female Lobi sculpture

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A fragmentary female Lobi sculpture with a slender torso, arms carved close to the body, with a globular neck surmounted by a head of the same shape, a threeparted haeddress, partly encirceled eyes, framed by horseshoe-like ears, a prominent triangular nose and a small pointed mouth, extremly heavy hard wood, which is the consequence of an oxidation process of many decades, also called “ironwood”. A large age-crack at the left side of the sculpture. Remnants of encrustrations, which could be a long-lasting sacrification period.

This sculpture was posted on the same shrine like a sculpture we sold recently and is know as a “Lobi-figure with glasses.”

I suppose that this more archaic statue is coming from the same workshop but probably one generation anterior. According of the condition – the insects have eaten all legs and a part of the torso – it´s an indication of a higher age.The condition of the other sculpture is much better. This fact and the information of the former owner that both statues are coming from the same shrine, makes it plausible that this figure is the older one. In comparison with other “Lobi figures with glasses” – look at the Yale Guy van Rijn Archive – I couldn´t find similar exemplares, which are verifying the same carver. I saw also a male pendant exemplare (with a goatee) from the same provenance. but the condition was so bad so I bought only the female exemplare, because the owner wants the double-price for the couple. I can only speek from my point and the circumstances of this important acquisition. For me this is the oldest Lobi sculpture I ever collected.

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Height: 60 cm
Weight: 3,2 kg

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Weight 3.2 kg