A finely carved Bassa Gela mask


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A finely carved Bassa Gela mask, from the region of Nzérékoré, Guinea, of oval hollowed form, with a projecting chin, an open protruding mouth with full lips beneath a large nose with prominent nostrils and with zigzag scarification marks, those scarifications also on the chin, the cheeks and the bulging forhead, closed heavy lidded eyes beneath arching brows, pierced ears projecting outwardly from the face, a seven-parted striated coiffure with round ornaments at the ends, the mask is pierced through at the rim for attachment; blackened surface, traces of age and ritual use. Provenance Mohamed Belo Garba.

This type of mask is called “Gela”, and it shows an imposing and complex headdress, a pointed chin in “galoche”, reproductions of scarifications. The Gela are the embodiment of beauty. Smaller than a human face they are intended to be hung on a larger rattan structure that will marry the dancer’s face. Usually made in a very hard wood, they are polished with the leaves of a tree similar to sandpaper, then dyed in black using dyeing vegetable.

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Height: 25 cm
Weight: 816 g (incl. stand)

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