A female Rhythm Pounder, called déblé

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A female Rhythm Pounder, called déblé, rising from a thick cylindrical base, the bent legs with great tension leading to the tight hips, the swayed lenticular torso framed by the square shoulders, carved armbands above the elbow leading to the faceted forearms with hands resting to the sides, holding a rattle in the left hand, the elongated neck supporting a head with strongly projecting chin and scooped facial plane, straight noses bisecting the almond shaped eyes and semi circular shaped ears, surmounted by a rectangular, rounded disc with an openwork triangel at the center; fine dark brown patina with reddish, ochre, and white pigments, a significant touchpatina at the neck and the arms, verifying a long lasting ritual use, the right arm with insect damages fixed by a metal bracket and iron wires.

4.000 – 5.000,- Euro

Height: 129 cm
Weight: 7 kg

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Weight 7 kg