A female Lobi sculpture

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A female Lobi sculpture, of the workshop around Some Binlare, Ivory Coast, standing on wedge-shaped feet, slightly bent legs ending in prominent buttocks, an elongated toros with tapering, hanging breasts, the rectangular shoulders terminating in elongated flattened arms carved close to the body, small wedge-shaped hands, the short neck supporting a bald oval head with a triangle face plane, a hemispheric protruding mouth, a broad nose, horizontal slit eyes with protruding upper lids, semicircular ears; heavy, hard wood, brown patina, traces of blood sacrifications, several cracks, signs of erosion and insect damages.

Lit: Daniela Bognolo: Lobi. Visions of Africa, 2007 Milan; Floros & Sigrid Katsouros/Stephan und Petra Herkenhoff: Anonyme Schnitzer der Lobi, Hannover 2006; Piet Meyer: Kunst und Religion der Lobi, Zürich 1981; Galerie Flak: Magie Lobi, Paris 2003; Floros Katsouros: Lobi – Figuren, chefs d’oeuvre und Kultobjekte, Hannover 2013; Kat. Ausst.: Lobi. Westafrikanische Skulpturen aus der Sammlung Greschik, anlässlich der Ausstellung „Die Entdeckung des Individuums“, Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2016, Berlin 2016.

according of different sculptural charcteristics we try to find out, which sculpture is coming from Some Binlare, from his sons or other persons around the master-carver.

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Height: 76 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg

Lupite Pale Lobi carver tribalartforum

Photo wj, The Carver and Fetisher Lupité Palé,
Gongonbili, 2006
, the blind follower of the Some Binlare workshop.

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Weight 4.6 kg